Cancun Dark Shadow

Cancun Dark Shadow

  • $269.95

Here determine the WIDE of the shoe! A wonderful shoe with fresh color accents to pamper your feet. With this shoe, thanks to a special and removable insole, you have the opportunity to adjust the shoe volume even better and individually. This insole consists of two layers and you can only take one, or if you need more volume, because you want to wear your own insole, for example, take them out and adjust the width.

The Joya Wave technology's core feature is individuality. The extra width system allows the shoe to be specifically adapted to each individual foot with the multiple removable inserts. This technology was specifically developed to be combined with sensorimotor (soft and functional) insoles. Our Wave technology is ideal for those who have wide footprint and need specific fit requirements but do not want to walk without soft and springy walking experience.

Neutral shoe cream or shoe cream in a matching colour makes smooth leather shiny again and protects it from drying out. Apply the shoe cream evenly and then leave it to dry. Finally polish the leather with a soft cloth or polishing brush. The Joya sole can be cleaned using a little lukewarm water and a sponge. Do not use any cleaning agents as the sole may be damaged by them.

Shipping box dimension (1 pair):

Width: 400 mm

Height: 280 mm

Length: 150 mm

Package weight including packing box (1 pair): 2500 gramm