Bliss W Grape

  • $239.99

Lightweight women's trekking shoe suitable for work and play. Carefully selected materials are very colorful for all those who like it a bit more colorful. The grippy sole guarantees firm hold and stability on uneven ground. The forefoot is protected with sturdy leather. By impregnating this shoe can be made weatherproof with a water-repellent effect. The wonderfully soft sole of Joya gives the feet a unique running comfort. In addition, the back and joints are relieved by the damping effect.

The Air technology's core feature is stability. Its characteristic feature is the particularly wide and in the heel and forefoot area, ideally combining softness and stability. Supported heel position is especially important at work and outdoors. The America's Best Seller Air technology are suitable for people with an athletic purpose as well as at standing work environment when joints often overloaded.

Shipping box dimension (1 pair):

Width: 400 mm

Height: 280 mm

Length: 150 mm

Package weight including packing box (1 pair): 2500 gramm