Athena Teak

Athena Teak

  • $249.99

Walking comfort of the finest. Pretty ladies lace shoe made of beautiful and insensitive smooth leather in tasteful and discreet tuning. Feet and back enjoy high-quality materials and a unique sole with a cushioning effect, which relieves back and joints. The removable insole is pleasantly light and breathable. The long lacing allows a perfect adaptation to the foot. With this shoe, treat yourself to a treat for your body, since comfortable softness and targeted stability are no contradiction here.

The Joya Senso technology's core feature is sensitivity. This technology is particularly soft in the heel and forefoot area due to the built-in extra cushioning technology. The extra padded areas offer optimum relief for those who suffer from walking pain. Our senso technology shoes are particularly suitable for people with a sensitive back and with feet and joints exposed to daily stress. 

Shipping box dimension (1 pair):

Width: 400 mm

Height: 280 mm

Length: 150 mm

Package weight including packing box (1 pair): 2500 gramm