Mary Jane II Bronze

Mary Jane II Bronze

  • $239.95

Joya Mary Jane - a 3rd generation ballerina from Joya. The outsole is non-slip and guarantees the foot a secure footing. Compared to the previous sole you have here a comfortable stability inwards / outwards. The instep strap is underlaid with a Velcro fastener and allows millimeter precision adjustment. The upper leather is very high quality and soft, the soft Joya sole relieves you when standing or walking. These ballerinas are also recommended as a professional shoe, eg in catering, in sales, in service etc.

The Joya Senso technology's core feature is sensitivity. This technology is particularly soft in the heel and forefoot area due to the built-in extra cushioning technology. The extra padded areas offer optimum relief for those who suffer from walking pain. Our senso technology shoes are particularly suitable for people with a sensitive back and with feet and joints exposed to daily stress. 

Neutral shoe cream or shoe cream in a matching colour makes smooth leather shiny again and protects it from drying out. Apply the shoe cream evenly and then leave it to dry. Finally polish the leather with a soft cloth or polishing brush. The Joya sole can be cleaned using a little lukewarm water and a sponge. Do not use any cleaning agents as the sole may be damaged by them.

Shipping box dimension (1 pair):

Width: 400 mm

Height: 280 mm

Length: 150 mm

Package weight including packing box (1 pair): 2500 gramm